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Free Money Grants for Home buyers are now available:

1.) $4,000 available if you buy through me from SRAR if you meet generous Income restrictions and are a Veteran, or active Military, or a Police officer buying a REO (bank owned), or a Short sale and are a first time buyer. Restrictions apply.


2.) Up to 3% grant (Free money) of the purchase price on a FHA Loan. You can buy for only .5% down.


3.) On an FHA loan your 3.5% down payment can be a gift from a Family member, Job, Union, Charity, or Community Down Payment Grant  



4.)  FHA loan limits up to $625,000 * in high cost areas.


 5.) Rumblings that our Government is trying to do away with all low down payment loans. The new threshold being considered is 20%. On a $300,000 home thats $60,000! Currently a 3.5% down loan is only $10,500 down on $300,000. Since over 1/3 of all home buyers put down less than that it would change home financing and make it harder for first timers and people with modest incomes buy. 


 6.) U.S. apartment rents climbed 5 percent in the 12 months through April, according to research company Axiometrics Inc.


7.) According to a 2010 study home owners had $174,000 in assets and renters had only $5,000 in assets. Buying is a very good move financially!


If you are seriously considering buying  here are a few tips to get started:

 Call me and lets talk about it 818-458-9615


Next figure out what you can afford by visiting your bank (Chase, Wells, Bank of America, Credit Unions) and talking to the lender there. Bring with you 2 months pay stubs, 2 years tax returns, and 3 months bank statements. Pretty quickly they can tell you exactly how much home you can afford. If you have credit issues, get some good advice about what to do to turn that around, sometimes, time is the only answer. Be careful about how much you spend and start or continue saving.


 If your not in So California I can get you  referred to a good agent and you can start start house hunting!




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