Lender #1

David Dennison Church Loan Broker & CPA

Principal and Director of Finance & Underwriting

BGW | Financial

5376 Tomah Drive, Suite 201

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

P: 719.264.9906 | F: 719.213.2200



Lender # 2

Bank of the West

Victor Lizano



Congregation must be 300 or above,

if smaller may be able to go through a Business Division Reymundo Duarte cell 213-256-8217 reymundo.duarte@bankofthewest.com

Lender # 3

California Baptist Foundation (Does church loans to evangelical churches and other ministries) (My contact is Harold)
Affiliated with Evangelical Christian Credit Union
Needs a 120 days to 190 day escrow

Charges 1 pt. loan fee interest rate in the high 7% (7.75%)
Will do a 30 year due in 5 years
Need 25% down payment (seller can do a second)
In business since 1953



Tom Fontana 888-378-6683

Lender #4

Have special programs where the parishioners can use their IRA’s to invest in the church and bond funding etc.

David Sims

D: 501-442-3585 | HQ: 800-552-7137

Lender #5

Griffin Church Loans starting at 3.5%

1-800 710-6762 www.Churchloans.net

James Brannon
Griffin Capital Funding
925-447-7546 (cell)
925-290-0895 (FAX)

Lender # 6

Cass bank

Chris Dimond

714-433-0303 949.202.6359


In business over 100 years!

Requires 30% down (can be lower with a very well qualified buyer) seller may be able to carry some for buyer sub to bank approval

Charges 1 pt.

Typically 20 year loan recast every 5 years no charge at renewal

Interest rate depends on credit low 5%-6’s depends on loan amount as well .

Church must be in existence for 5 years and show financials for at least 4.

Does loans above 1 million


Lender #7

Sae han bank. Contact person. Chang, Man S.
(213) 637-5205



Lender #8

Hard Money lender

Marcos Santillan


Santillan Financial Services

5055 E. Calle San Raphael

Suite A-4

Palm Springs, CA 92264

Cell: 310-871-1726

Office: 760-327-9800

Efax: 760-327-2840

email: santillanfinancial@yahoo.com

Require 40 % down and may not allow a seller second (worried about debt service)
Require Full documentation on the loan
Need Congregation size, time in existence, and tithing record
25-25 year loan tied to prime rate + 2 % (that would be 5.25% today's rate)
Loan varies and will be recast every 5 years a balloon in 5 years but will refinance at prime +2% but no lower than the start rate
Need 3 days for lender interest report and 30 days to close
Had a stipulation that this be a church with a steeple (traditional church building)

In business 20 years

Lender #13

Bill Dodson



915 West Imperial Highway

Suite 120

Brea, California 92821

Tel: 714-671-5720

Direct: 714-784-7133

Fax: 714-784-7134


Lender # 14 BDM MTG Services

Dan Aranda 800-439-9551

American Financial



Theologically based or denominationally based lenders


Lender #8

Must be affiliated with the “Restoration movement” churches generally called Christian Church…ie; Central Christian.. or Church of Christ

Church Development fund

https://cdfonline.org/churches/loans/apply.asp. Their loans can come with bonds or IRA’s so the actual parishioners can invest in the church!

Mark Briggs

Regional Rep

1-800-503-3990 x2004


Lender # 9

Only lends to Wesleyan based churches needs 30% down Loan amounts 3 to 3.5 times annual income

Americas Christian Credit Union

Glendora Office

Phone: 626-208-5400

Toll-free: 800-343-6328

Corporate Department Ext. Sam

Fax: 626-208-5563


Lender # 10

Gene Ulrich

Four square lender subsidiary


Email Gulrich@4sqfs.org

Loans to Foursquare churches

Lender # 11

Foursquare Financial Solutions

Gene Ulrich 213-989-4310

Tim Baskin Properties advisor


EFCU Tim Litchfield ICFG


Lender # 12

ECCU Evangelical Christian Credit Union

Jim Litchfield




Other helpful Contacts


Dan Davidson

Dan Davidson, CPA
Davidson, Deily & Company, PC
Office: 714-385-1180
Facsimile: 714-385-1144



He helps prepare the Churches financials in order to get the loan. Very important since most churches are non profits and may not have GAAP format financials.